Connecting freelance journalists with editors and publications

The easy way for writers to find commissioning editors, and for editors to find the stories that sing

How it works


For freelancers

Pitchwhiz is a tool for any editorial freelancers (writers, copy editors, proofreaders, photographers and more) looking to sell their work or their time. Find commissioning editors and publication titles, contact them, monitor and track your communications, keep notes and pitch ideas - all from one place.


For commissioning editors

Pitchwhiz creates an 'open door' contact system for editors looking for high quality stories or photography from freelancers. Sign up, request specific article or content ideas, or simply respond to freelancers whose pitches work for you.


Or are you both?

Pitchwhiz allows users to sign up both as freelancers and as commissioning editors, because we know many people perform both these roles. Easily switch between your roles to ensure your different tasks are organised in their own areas.


Email tracking

Total transparency on your communications with 'received' and 'opened' notifications

Editorial database

Immediate and direct access to a database of high quality writers, editors and publications

Story market

Stories wanted and Stories offered - a marketplace for stories connecting both sides of the writer/editor divide

One stop shop

Notes, bio details, contacts and more - Pitchwhiz is a responsive, cloud-based toolkit for all your editorial needs

Pitchwhiz makes it easier than ever to sell and buy high quality stories.
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